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Victoria Garrick Browne

2024 Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree, is a TEDxTalk speaker, mental health advocate, podcast host, and former Division I Athlete who has amassed 1.5M+ followers across social media where she's known for her unfiltered campaign, #RealPost.

Victoria first began sharing her story of how she battled and overcame depression & anxiety as a student-athlete in her 2017 TED Talk, “The Hidden Opponent,” which has been viewed over 420,000 times. She delivered the talk as a sophomore member of the University of Southern California Women's Volleyball Team, where she was a four year starter, PAC-12 Champion, and finished her career with the top five most digs in program history.

She has been featured in The New York Times’, The Players’ Tribune, E! News, People, Access Hollywood, and is the Founder & CEO of mental health non-profit, The Hidden Opponent, which was recognized as a standout resource for athletes by Kobe Bryant in his novel, "Geese Are Never Swans.” She also brings her message of authenticity to life daily on her social media platforms as well as her raw and relatable podcast, Real Pod.

Victoria now tours the country speaking at universities and high-schools throughout the country in hopes of de-stigmatizing the conversation around mental health and encouraging all people to be their unfiltered selves

What is #RealPost?

In a world of filters & Facetune, #RealPost was my form of rebellion! I had become SO obsessed with looking "perfect" online and pretending that everything was fine when really...

it wasn't.


Behind my carefully curated feed I was secretly in a deep depression, ruled by anxiety, and battling a binge eating disorder. While there was a lot that went into my recovery, the biggest part of my healing journey was allowing myself to be imperfect - to be real - and to stop living for the validation of others.


#RealPost signifies authenticity and the TRUTH! I promise that you'll never find filters or photoshop on my social media pages, it's one little corner of the internet you can trust. :)


PS: I also encourage YOU to #RealPost - trust me,

it's a game changer.


"I don't have a six pack and I never will..."


"I haven't washed my hair in three days, I've welcomed four pimples to my face, and I stress cried yesterday when a USB chord didn't work..."


"Anyone else struggle with FOMO?!"


"Let's talk stretch marks..."

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Student-Athletes & Mental Health: The Hidden Opponent

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