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From deep conversations about mental health and

body-image, to relatable conversations about every day struggles... athletes, celebrities, influencers, and MORE pull back the curtain to reveal their raw

and honest stories.

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This might sound so niche and low-key dark, but one of my most comforting thoughts in life is remembering that literally every single person has cried themselves to sleep...


Hear me out, I'm not saying I'm happy we've all experienced the same swollen-eyed/snotty-nosed mess that comes after a night of bawling your eyes out - I may or may not have done this recently to the 10 minute version of All Too Well -  BUT I am saying that it's nice to remember that behind all of the perfect Instagram feeds, white picket fences, and shiny gold medals, is a REAL HUMAN. (Yes, this includes even the most perfect Sports Illustrated Models of the world, click here to listen for yourself...)

Every Wednesday on Real Pod I'll bring you honest, unfiltered, and

eye-opening conversations to help uncover that "REAL"  in all of us.

We'll talk meaning, purpose, failure, body-image, depression, anxiety, insecurities, motivation, burn out, relationships, AND we'll recieve advice and inspiration to keep us going, growing, and feeling just a little less alone!


If you thought this paragraph was weird & TMI... GOOD that's the point ;)

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